Monday, November 16, 2009

Ray on the Soapbox Again - Swine Flu

Where do these scientist come up with names???  Swine Flu??  We own a pot-bellied pig and I don't worry about catching flu from her.  I don't hold her "hands" or kiss her.  She doesn't wash her hooves very often either but she does upset the water bucket often.  Miss Piggy, as she is called, is just a lovable little bundle of bacon that wants to live out her days here on the ranch.  At one time she was able to wander the ranch free of worries and even came into the house through a doggie door.  A problem followed that practice and ended her free reign forever.  She learned how to open the refrigerator and you could hear a choir of angels as she said"...eureka, I have found the mother load!!!"  So now she awaits my arrival each morning with a scoop of piggie chow and munches away while watching our two doggies eat their chow thinking of ways to lure them closer with their bowls.

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  1. Nice blog, Ray! Just found it so I'll be following along - great pics too!