Monday, November 16, 2009

Pictures of the day

IMG_1060 640x426
“Cross your fingers rock”…well, it almost looks like it.  The formation is located in Dragoon in Texas Canyon area.

IMG_1071a 320x480Ah, yes.  Here it is in all it’s beauty.  The 49’ers had trouble finding it but I found this gold nugget just sitting on the ground waiting for me.  I am indeed rich, rich, I say.  (Scoffing at the nay-sayers that tell me it’s just a rock.  They want my gold.)  Can’t wait until I get to the assay office.
(UPDATE: It is a rock.  A purdy white one but just a rock!!)

Lavender Open Mine 640x479
This is the Lavender Pit Mine in Bisbee, AZ.  The Bisbee Community Swimming Pool is at the bottom of the pit.  Such beautiful, clear, light blue water….hey, I’m just reading this from the tourist brochures.

IMG_1038 640x426
 More of the rock formations around Texas Canyon in Dragoon. And kids, do not climb on the formations. These pictures were taken by a pro doing what pro’s always do….nothing. Stay away from the hard places or you may be between a rock and a hard pl…….forget it. Kids never listen.

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