Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ray’s Corner Soapbox – Snowy Saturday

Waking up this morning we had the pleasant surprise of a fluffy, white ground and bush coverage.  A step outside without wearing a coat was even more of a surprise.  One could freeze their (censored) off.  So I told Jean what a photo-op this is.  I think the hard part for her was leaving those warm and snuggly blankets to come outside in the cold weather.

We took some pictures of the area and went out into the center of the metropolitan city of Gleeson.  I have always wondered why the county hasn’t put in a traffic light at the main intersection of the city.  I’m sure the cattle, coyotes, rattlesnakes and jack rabbits would appreciate it.  I may have to put on my “investigative hat” and dig into this injustice.


4787-Holes In The Snowy Seat 2714x1882

4798-Footsteps 1734x1882

Notice the pink Flamingos playing in the snow (lol).

                                                         4826-Snow Cottage 2823x18824833-Snow Cactus 1254x1882                             







(Pictures in Gleeson, AZ. )


We stopped at the KW’s Red Roof Diner & Kitty Emporium where we received good conversation, hot coffee, a furry critter to pet and a brunch special.  The Emporium is by reservation only and they are booked at least 18 months ahead.  Also the Emporium has an unlisted telephone number so the only way to make reservations is by smoke signals.  Make sure you ask them what the daily special is and don’t catch your blanket on fire.

I have not been writing blogs daily due to computer problems that took out my motherboard.  I believe this problem was related to the hard drive problem I had in December.  Well, I now have a new motherboard and case which has 4 fans (with blue LEDs in them) with adjustable fan speeds so I can ensure the processor and other components are kept cool.  Putting in my old components (cpu, video card, processor, drives and memory) was a simple task but for some reason the Gigabit NIC (Ethernet Card) part of the motherboard wouldn’t recognize the DSL modem.  I had to call in the experts and one of the tekkies at VTC helped me through the various minute details, the several adjustments, the reprogramming of the Frietistrand Valve and finally removal of the two dead rats.  Also included were an oil change and 100,000 mile tune-up.  Needless to say, the computer runs great now.

That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.


  1. You just hang on to that story, Ray. Only you could tell it (although Al could come close), and only you are stuck with it!

    Enjoyed your snow pictures. Wish we had been there to join you in the fun. We had snow on all our mountains around Bensopn, and a few hard pellets landed but melted immediately. Neat!

  2. It's those darned Frietistrand valves that I have to get adjusted every time I go for a medical check-up. It's the Doc's cold finger I hate the most!!