Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ray’s Corner Soapbox – Kaput or Kaputer

Hey everyone, I’m still walking amongst the living.   Somewhere.  Inside this box full of wires, small fans, little red and green lights, and circuit boards.  Yes, I’m still working on this infernal machine that thinks it is getting the better of me.  But I surprised it with my 20 pound training device.

It takes me an average of five attempts to get this THING to boot up and when it does boot both the external and internal hard drives are running all the time….no flashing light, but on solid.  So I went to the tool shed and got the training tool out to make fine adjustments to the computer.  I figured just the threat would be enough.  NO.  It has a “mind” of it’s own, so to speak.

I’ve worked on computer hardware dating back to the “stone ages” of computers.   (Worked on IBM Models 360/720 which were their top of the line mainframe computers. )  The main difference was our computers were mainly used for navigation and weapons delivery from an attack US Navy aircraft.

There weren’t any PC’s at that time.  The “PC” referred to here does not stand for political correctness.  (Political correctness came years later when instead of saying “Barbara Streisand” it was easier to say “BS” …. or was that the other way around?)

Anyway, the problem will be resolved in approximately a week because I am replacing the motherboard and case.  A larger case plus more fans to keep the processor and board cooler.  In the meantime I will just have to suffer with what I have or use Jean’s computer. 

That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.


  1. Ray, can I borrow your training device? It might help! Thanks for sharing your travails with us -- you have an intriguing way of telling your story.

  2. Ray

    Many times, after years of usage and installing/uninstalling/reinstalling software of all kind, the THING becomes so cluttered that I have no other choice but reinstalling the OS. It might be a good time to go to W7. Usually it makes a huge difference on boot time and performance, although you need to reinstall lots of stuff (and not reinstall much other).

    Don't surrender to the machine! You will win eventually :)

  3. I had a 20 pound training device once but the wheels fell off. Maybe one day if Gleeson ever gets electricity you will have a more stable power supply to the computer. Jean says she's getting mighty tired of peddling that bicycle every day to keep the old generator going!!