Monday, December 28, 2009

Ray’s Corner Soapbox – Gleeson Airport

I have believed that by opening an airport in Gleeson we could attract more people to the area.  We might be able to get rid of the “ghost town” title our little community carries.

And with an airport we should be able to attract new manufacturing business and federal money for support of the airport.  So today we tested the new Gleeson air port and I have included a couple of pictures.  Everything started great but before the birds could land, things deteriated quickly and there were many near-misses.  So the airport has been “tabled” by the mayor and town council.

2009_12_28_0058 Tower:  “Flight Leader, your group is looking good as you approach.  Instruct other pilots to fall into straight line and line up on runway two-six-niner.”

Flt Ldr: “Roger, tower.  We are approximately two miles from the runway and have visual at this time.  Instructed second leg of flight to get in line for the landing.”

Tower: “Roger Flight Leader.  Continue approach.”

2009_12_28_0049 WEB Tower: “Flight Leader, radar shows your flight group has changed positions and some have changed direction.  Advise to regain altitude and go around for second approach.”

Flt Ldr: “Roger, tower.  A couple of our pilots have put their wings on backwards so it only appears they are not going in the right direction.”

Tower: “Flight Leader, your group is too wide.  Go around and regroup correctly before start approach.”

Flt Ldr: “Negative tower.  We are low on fuel and the grass looks tempting around the community swimming pool.  We are on final approach now”

Sudden “honking noise heard”

Tower: Flight Leader, stop the approach.”  (Silence….)  “Flight Leader, do you copy?”  (More silence…..)

Well, the test was a utter failure with feathers all over 2 1/2 acres of Gleeson.  Federal Investigators are on the way and will stay in the Gleeson Motel 2 (The town couldn’t afford a Motel 6).  There will be more news available as soon as they can figure out which bird was the flight leader.  So for now, Gleeson shall remain a ghost town and it looks like more ghosts have made the town their home.  And so that’s the way it was, December 28, 2009.  Good night, Chet….good night, Dave.

That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

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  1. Fun story, Ray! Thanks for giving us a morning chuckle!