Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ray’s Soapbox in the Corner – Dog Disease

I decided to put my soapbox in the corner because it saves me steps.  First of all, it is out of the way.  Next, as long as I keep it upside down, the cats don’t use it as a litter box.  And last, when my wife reads my posts and sends me to the corner, I don’t have far to go.
This is about our dog, Loki.  He has an incurable disease and I really hate to talk about it but facts are facts.  The disease could be fatal and worse it could be spread to other dogs or cats. 
Web_IMG_0033 He doesn’t look as sick as he is.  Matter of fact  he could almost fool you into thinking he is a “normal” dog.  There isn’t a known cure for him.  The disease spreads fear to all around us.  They keep their animals away so they do not catch the disease.  We have six cats and one other dog, Lobo.  Occasionally Lobo will exhibit some symptoms of the disease but it is normally temporary.  One of the cats, Buddy, seems to have some of the disease’s horrible characteristics.
There are no known shots, pills, or surgery that can cure them.  The disease is called….aww, you don’t really want me to tell you.  So I will.  It is called “STUPIDITY”.  There I said it.  Loki is stupid.  He is more stupid than a pet rock.  Last year he thought he was smarter than a skunk, not once, not twice but THREE times he thought he could outsmart the skunk.  Lost all three times.  So this year he has tried it once and failed.  Last week he talked Lobo into it, telling him how easy it was.  You could hear him say to Lobo, “It’s just a dumb cat….get him!”  Bo tried to hide under our bed but it was obvious what he had done.  And Loki smiled.
Buddy’s problem is his daddy.  The daddy critter is a feral cat (all of our cats are now fixed) and living in the wild has taught him to be strong and cunning.  There are lots of coyotes, bobcats, and even mountain lions here that love a critter sandwich making hard to survive in the wild.  Anyway, Buddy thinks he can whip up on his daddy.  Time after time we have put salve on the wounds and kept him in to regain his strength.  So what can I say???  There is a stupid bug on the loose and our critters have caught it.
Just my opinion.


  1. Awwww, that's nothing, tell Loki he's not alone. I've had that very same serious disease for as long as I can remember. My own Mother first told me I had it when I was just a little feller. My Mother & Father were divorced when I was 6 & she always told me I was just as stupid as my Dad. So, you see, it's hereditary:))

  2. My dog, Lady, also has it. I've always wondered how an animal who is smart enough to read your mind, can continue to wrap her leash around a pole or a tree until she can't move anymore, and then doesn't understand how to shift into reverse!

    I'm glad I found your blog; have added it to my list and look forward to more of your greast posts!