Saturday, December 15, 2012

AS I SEE IT.....

Ray's Corner Soapbox - As I See It.....

Last month Americans made their choice for the leadership of our country.  After four years of Mr. Obama I thought he would be standing in the unemployment line.  Friends and people I have talked to seemed to think the same way.  But, wait....order now and we'll double the order.  Just pay additional taxes and loss of your medical benefits.

I usually try to add a little humor to my blogs but it is hard to be humorous when you truly look at what is going to happen to our country in the next four years.  To those voters that did not vote or the voters that sold their soul, you will deserve everything that is about to happen.  Me???  I'm looking for an island near Jimmy Buffet and plan to look from afar.  Every raise of taxes will be cheered on with champagne and Captain Morgan.  The lead republican, John no-Brainer, loves to sit on his hands (or maybe that is his brain sitting on his hands) and will probably concede everything to the Democrats making himself the laughing stock of Congress.  He needs to be replaced with someone that has a brain and then voted out the next cycle.

Next is the aristocrat of the congress, a graduate of the Tammy Baker School of Eye Make-up. Ms. Pelosi imitates the "deer in the headlights" look and is about as supporting the people of America as  our President.

Oh, and I did love the excuse given for voting machines that were rigged.  The machines needed "calibration"??  Okay, lets see if we can understand this.....these machines are digital.  Digital electronics operates on a digital math that states 0=Off, 0= low voltage.  The digital #1= On, 1=high voltage.  So lets put it like this 0 or no voltage is off, 1=ON or high voltage.  (Voltage levels are usually between 3 and 5 volts for a logic 1.

Using the "normal" digital logic states exactly as in the prior paragraph.  An output is either on or off with no in between.  Therefore the voting machines were rigged to add a logic 1 to the same output.  Confused?  Congratulations.  Where were the FBI on this?  The machines should have been seized and a trace of the circuits completed.  Severe jail time is usually rewarded to someone tampering with a national election.

Sorry, for the lack of humor and the lack of trust that someone who ran the dirtiest election contrast on record.  I will try to do better on my next posting in approx a week.

For now......That's My Story and I'm Stickin' to it !!!

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