Monday, February 28, 2011

Ray's Corner Soapbox -- Tumbleweed Photo Group (TPG)

Our photography group meets in Elfrida, AZ and has taken an official name to use at events away from the home site.  The group is now officially known as the Tumbleweed Photography Group (TPG).  We have our own blog and will have sample pictures from personal and group shoots, information about Windows XP, Vista, and 7 (choose one) generally related to photography.  Also we will include information about our photography group showings, local Art/Photography shows and Arts & Crafts where we will be offering photographs for sale.

In the past I have covered such technical subjects as:
1)  Why is a mouse called a mouse?
2)  I am getting a battery light on my camera when transferring pictures.  Is this ok?
3)  My dog ate my User Handbook for my camera.  I gave him a laxative to get the pages back out (ugh) a little faster.  Is there any way to scan the pages that I recovered?  (Not on my scanner.....)
4)  What are all these cables I got with my camera.  Do I really need these?
And the classic.....
5)  I have a blue dress that I love to wear.  When my husband tries to print the picture, the dress is green and the skin tones are red.  I decided to dye the dress green but how do I get John's face a different color??

(Answers: #1 Because they didn't call it a dog.  #2 NO.  Always ensure you have good batteries or a dc power source or you will lose pictures.  #3 No further explanation.  #4 Yes and No.  Cameras normally come with USB cables to upload to the computer, audio/video cables so you can hook the camera directly into a TV to view the photos or video. No refers to most photographic printers have ports for camera memory cards and you can use the manufacturer's software to upload pictures.   #5 This is cause by being in the wrong spot so the light is changing the colors.  Let me explain, I know you have seen a rainbow.  If you stand under the wrong color, it will cause the picture to change colors due to the Zynikky rays of the rainbow mixing with the outbound color rays it comes in contact with.  This causes what is known as the Buuke Ultrasound Laser Links (otherwise know as BULL) bands to interfere with the electronics of cameras within 5 miles of the site.  Also there is no pot of gold under the rainbow.  Oh, all right.  My wife says that was too technical.  To simplify, check your ink cartridge or buy a better quality of photo paper.)

My expertise in Computers and Windows are put to the test weekly.  Yesterday's blog was about the properties of photographs using Windows 7.  If any photography fan (you don't have to be a member of our group) has a general question about digital photography, please send your question, date of birth, model/type of modem used, a blank check made out to cash, a sample picture of your fishing boat and 5 Wheaties Boxtops to  The group and I are in desperate need of something to make us laugh.....and we may write a book if we get enough questions.

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

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