Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ray’s Corner Soapbox – What is a Kazoot-Kazoot???

We don’t get too many guests out here in the wilderness but these colorful critters did pay us a visit (and return often) to munch some of our offerings.

Pyrrhuloxiat 640x436

Someone played a cruel joke on these poor critters.  Here in the mountain valley we have Cardinals, House Finch, various Hummingbirds, Dove, Quail, Roadrunners, etc.  But what are these birds called???  Pyrrhuloxia.

So I believe it is my duty to give these beautiful, Cardinal look-alike feathery friends a decent name that everyone can remember plus everyone can spell it.  We shall call them the Kazoot-kazoot.  There, easy to remember and spell.

I believe we should start calling the scientific community “antispellingidiotsorfools” for coming with such a name for one of God’s creatures.  Another look at one of our Kazoot-kazoots practicing crash landing techniques at the food trough.  Don’t worry folks, he pulled it off and landed safely.Pyrrhuloxia 2 397x480 

We did have another very beautiful visitor to our feeders.  It is a rare site and my picture is slightly out of focus (oh no….the Photo Group will throw me out!!!) but this is the chance you take using a 300mm lens without a tripod.


Western Tanager 640x394

This beauty is the Western Tanager.  It is rare for them to come in our little valley (5300’ elevation).  We have several species of birds that pass through in the spring and stay a very short time in the fall.  I don’t know how the new Arizona Immigration law will affect these guys because they do cross the border just south of here.

That’s my story (for now) and I’m stickin’ to it.


  1. Our bird book calls that Kazoot-kazoot a Silver Cardinal, and that's a good name for it. We have one that sits in the top of the mesquite tree next door every morning in the winter and early spring, calling out for a friend. He's beautiful, and a welcome waking up sound!

  2. I love your photos here. Especially the one with the birdfeeder. :-)
    - Mary Ann