Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ray’s Corner Soapbox – Busy Weekend

Jean and I had a busy weekend starting Friday at our Camera Group’s first show.  The show was held in one of  Elfrida’s Community Garden hothouses and was the seasonal opening for the garden, the Elfrida Photo Group first show and the displaying of paintings/drawings from the Art Class.  We have had some wacky weather lately (as a matter of fact, Tombstone had a couple quick snow showers on Friday.).  The hothouse was NOT hot as the name may imply and we had consistent winds in the 25--30 mph range with gusts up to 50 mph.  The plastic of the hothouse did hold back most of the winds but there were times I could just imagine all our photos headed to the ground.
Overall the event was a success and several items were sold by the photographer or artist.  (They had a choice of selling or just displaying their work.) 


Two of the visitors were Jerry and Suzy authors of the blog site Our Life on Wheels  (http://jerrysuzylifeonwheels.blogspot.com/).  This was the first time we had a chance to meet these fine folks. 


I know I usually make some off-color comments but the show was indeed a lot of fun. So.....

That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.


  1. Hey, good pics of the two of us. Thanks for the link to our blog -- maybe we'll get another follower or two. We really enjoyed meeting you and Jean and all the others there -- did we tell you we spent a pile of cash at the Farmers Market on our way out?

  2. Hey Ray, I just found this post about the photo groups show a few weeks ago. It somehow slipped through the cracks on my 'Blogs We Follow' list. Despite the weather it sounds like all went well. I clicked on your post for today but got a message saying, 'page could not be found.' Then another one said, 'Who's Soapbox Ray & where the hell is this Gleeson place anyway?" Might have to pull the TIFF out of the JPEG & replace the NBC with the ABC & rewire the CNN to another LTJ62 before the M36 hard drive melts the underside of the HR46 in line drive casing. If ya need any help with all this just give me a call, OK:))