Friday, March 26, 2010

Ray’s Corner Soapbox -- Go Big or Stay Out of the Game

Ya, I did it.  Went BIG.  Too big.  I mean it’s almost like owning a one room house and your mother-in-law moves in…..well, almost.  We (Jean will deny it!) decided to get a wide carriage photo printer and it was delivered today.  It’s not big, it’s HUGE.  I don’t have the smallest computer desk but it won’t fit on there.  So tomorrow, with saw in hand, I’ll be modifying my computer desk for the printer.

I went back to HP because we’ve always had great reproduction and NO PAPER JAMS.  Our main printer has been the Epson Artisan 800 All-in-One printer/scanner/fax/copier.  Good photo reproduction but the thicker photo papers jam easily so you have to feed one at a time. 

The new photo printer is a B8550 (13X19 inch prints) and is 22.75”X15.5”X7”.  I don’t worry about the top clearance as this is a dedicated photo printer and has no scanner or copier functions and the paper feed is front load.  So if I don’t return to blogging after a couple of days you can assume the board I cut was a load-bearing wall and the desk collapsed into a pile of sawdust.


  1. I had a printer that big once but the dual wheels fell off. Are ya getting into the billboard business now. Nice to see you bloggin again, when did Gleason get electricity.....:))

  2. Hey, man -- you said you were going to take the saw and ... I was afraid you were going to try to modify the new printer to fit your desk! Good to know you have lots of common sense. Common sense is uncommon in today's world! You are a SERIOUS photo guy, I guess. Where are you going to put all the 13X19 inch prints? You got a lot of wall space?

  3. How about taking a picture of the Moon, and placing it on your bedroom ceiling, that way, when you and momma Jean are laying down at night, you could imagine sleeping under the stars.. Love ya Dad, Mark Shannon and Destiny