Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ray’s Corner Soapbox – Weather??? And Pictures

Well today started off with dreadful weather….WIND!!  We don’t mind the rain, or heat or cold…but the worst of the bunch is simply wind.  First a couple of pictures from 10 minutes ago:
IMG_5126 640x426
IMG_5125 640x426
What was simply wind with light rain mist turned into something solid.  AND the wind is still blowing.
4870-Timbucktoo is a Ghost
Working on some of my pictures from our Timbucktoo photo shoot, I accidently hit a setting with my mouse.  But I liked the results, so I didn’t correct it.  The “yellow” building at the end is disappearing from my original so it will only leave the old store.
IMG_5083 640x426 IMG_5092 640x426
I add these so Al of the Bayfield Bunch can put on his SE AZ glasses to see the beauty in old, falling apart, burnt, antique buildings.  Al says in Canada they have to get rid of the old stuff that falls out of repair or falling down.  (Don’t slow down, Al and above all, don’t trip!!!)  This was a beautiful, old ranch until a few years ago when some illegals set it on fire.
5071-bw-sepia 320x480
 5060-bw-sepia 640x450

                                                                                                                                                                         These were taken around an old farmhouse that was completely destroyed.  This is what I would guess was a ranch hand's house….kind of an all-in-one bungalow.  The water tank was next to the windmill and would have been filled by the pump attached to the windmill.  (Wind?  In this valley???)
A revisit of Bisbee is something we always do.  There is more and more that capture our eye when we drive on the open, wide roads of Bisbee.  (Actually the roads were originally mule trails and you didn’t dare own a fat mule in those days.)
IMG_5030 640x426 IMG_5021 640x426
IMG_5020 320x480 IMG_5017 640x426 
The lunch box was in one of the shop windows.  I remember that one.  I had a Hopalong Cassidy one.  The cute doggie is waiting his master who is in a little “hole-in-the-wall” breakfast restaurant.  There are several old advertisements on buildings, just wish someone would repaint them back to their original glory.
Ok, so…..
That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

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  1. Glad we got out of there before the big snow storm hit. Don't miss that stuff one bit. Great old buildings for sure. The southwest will never run out of it's old ruins & that is a good thing. It will never run out of it's 'old Salts' either & that is also a good thing:))

  2. Wind? Snow? Golly, we didn't get snow here in Benson, but we got a deluge of rain in early afternoon. Gotta stay our of those washes!

    Great pix of the old ruins of buildings. You say you are going to eliminate that yellow building - what software do you use for that? I have used Adobe Photoshop Elements off and on for years, and have done similar tricks - but it's a slow, painstaking process. Good thing we're retired with nothing to do except eat, sleep and take pictures!