Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ray’s Corner Soapbox – A Farewell To A Friend

Most people that know me know that I am an amateur photographer and one of the major players in the Elfrida Photo Group.  We started the group with around six members and have “roller-coasted” at times with members coming and going. 

One of our members was Pat Collins.  Pat could be described as a “Senior Citizen” but you may get the wrath of Pat saying that.  Even with a bad hip, but still having the ability and wits to operate a motor vehicle, she was a “God-send” to our group.

We lost Gladys “Pat” Collins last Thursday after she recently had undergone  a hip replacement at a hospital is Los Angeles followed by a stroke and then dehydration while recovering in a nursing home.  Pat’s daughter, Patsy, brought her mother back to our Sulphur Springs Valley with plans on staying with her mother.  Unfortunately, Pat had other plans and left us here on earth to carry on with life.  Our deepest and most sincere prayers go to Patsy for the loss of her mother.  Patsy has said she is considering remaining here and we look forward to having her visit or become a member of our group.

Copy of Portraits - Aug 2009 035 2823x1882

 Copy of Portraits - Aug 2009 037 2823x1882

At one of our group meetings we were discussing portrait photography and Pat was my subject.  The first picture of the left is how Pat would always appear….under control and not too big of a smile.  My dad’s old family album was like that, subjects assuming the correct pose which was not to smile.  The one thing I love about my Canon 40D is the rapid fire flash.  After the first flash I just kept going causing her to start laughing.


  Copy (2) of Portraits - Aug 2009 025 2823x1882Copy of Portraits - Aug 2009 029 2823x1882

She finally relaxed and made the famous “rabbit” pose.

The last picture on the right is her saying, “You didn’t really take that picture, did you?”

Pat was one classy lady that fought back the pain and tears to struggle through Chair Yoga and finally through the photography group where we occasionally took trips into the field.  She attended the first meeting of our group, the first Yoga class offered by the Community Center and the first meeting of an exercise class.  No one would ever hold her back.  And so for Pat, we send our “Namaste”.

--Namaste means --

I honor the place in you where spirit lives.

I honor the place in you, which is of love, of truth, of light and of peace.

When you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, we are one.

Rainbow Stich 3133x1882


  1. I remember you folks talking about Pat & I'm sorry I never got to meet her. May her spirit remain in the photo group & go happily with you on all of your future field trips.

  2. The photo group was undoubtedly one of Pat's joys and best fun times. Thanks for sharing your namaste with all of us. It is very touching.

  3. Taking some time out on Easter morning to catch up on things I've let slide. First thing I thought of was your blog. When I checked, I found this lovely tribute to my sweet Mom. You inspired her & made her smile - a beautiful, natural smile. Thank you with all my heart.


    Pat (Patsy)

  4. Pat and her family are part of my family. They used to live next door. I've known them for 41 years.
    Those are really great pictures of Pat! She was a special person, kind and funny and generous and talented. I know she loved her yoga and photo groups. I'll miss her. Lynette