Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ray’s Corner Soapbox – Who Am I??

One of our photo group members came up with an idea….a picture of yourself.  Not just the person, but a picture that tells a story of the person.  Here below is what I came up with.  AND YES, I DID MODIFY. GLORIFY, APPEND, CHANGE, FOLD, SPINDLE AND MUTILATE THE PICTURE!!!  So if you are insulted about being artistic, please stick your head in a bucket of water.



5453 Me (2)

This displays some of the various interests that I have, both present and past.  Metal detector, fishing pole, 35mm camera, wood/metal working tools, picture frames, and NASCAR.  The Navy flag represents the service I was in for 23 years and the US flag was the ship’s flag for the USS Nimitz  (CV-68) which was presented to me on my retirement.  The picture must be my twin holding a small-mouth bass.  I would never have had MY picture taken with such a small fish. 


Jean and I live in Gleeson which is a ghost town in SE Arizona.  Some people laugh at the thought of a ghost town but it really is haunted.  For example, the following suddenly appeared one day beside the road.


RIP 329x480

As usual the people here believe someone like me may be responsible for such a heinous sign.  It seems all the tourist have left Gleeson, checking out of our local hotel (The Scorpion and Rattler Motel 9) and leaving rubber on the pavement……hmmm.  We have dirt roads so that couldn’t be true. 

My blog of last November had a paragraph about a barber shop I visited.  To quote:

I went into a barber shop in Sierra Vista that had 50 choppers parked outside.  As I walked inside,  everyone pointed to the barber chair so I sat down. Out came the barber, 350 pounds of muscle and fat, leather tee shirt and a “I hate computer geeks” tattoo.  He walked up to me and in a loud, humiliating voice asked, “What do you want?”  Not to be humiliated I looked him square in the eye and said, “I’m a Blogger.”  Got the best haircut ever, became a member of the Mohawk tribe with five pounds of motorcycle grease to hold the hair in place.


Well, I needed another haircut after my Mohawk grew back out so I revisited the same barber shop. The name of the barber shop is” We Hate Rice Burners and Other Funny Looking Cycles Bike Club, Pool Room, Bar and Barbershop”.  The barber was watching me as I slid into the chair and he said, “Ain’t you that dadburn Blogger?”  “Yes, I am….and proud to own a Toyota FJ Cruiser, too.”  His eyes had a strange look as if you could see the fires from Hell burning inside.  He put his clippers away and got the straight razor.  I was done before the hen crows in the morning.  This time he gave me a really nice trim.

2010_03220093 640x480

Boy, do we live in a great part of the country or what???

That’s my story and I’m stickin to it.

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  1. Welcome back to Blogger territory, Ray. Haven't heard anything from you in a long time. We're still thinking of visitng your photo group sometime, if all the wild and weird stuff around us here in Benson ever settle down.