Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ray's Corner Soapbox - USPS Mail

Ever notice how our postal service tries to compete with the Internet email?? Junk mail. I can at least use the junk from the mail box to start the fire on a cold, winter night. This year (last October) I turned 65 which made me eligible for Medicare. So here comes the junk mail.

The “sneaky” ones make it look like there might be a check inside by what you see through the window envelope. I learned that one a long time ago.....buzzzrup, through the shredder it goes. And then in one of those stupid carbon envelopes they have to try to scare me by saying 600,000 seniors nationwide are being dis-enrolled by their advantage plans??? I don't have one of them anyway. Buzzzrup.

Next is the “Now is the time to make a decision about your Medicare".....buzzzrup. Didn't even open the envelope. Two retirement home advertisements...both being the same place. Wonder how much they waste in postage each year???? Buzzzrup,buzzzrup. Jewelery Store....Buzzzrup. Ya, I know I should look at that last one for a Christmas gift to my wife. But she has me...what else in life could be better? Salvation Army...sorry, I served in the Navy. Well, Jean and I do put a few bucks in the bell ringer's bucket each time. We don't have a lot but there are, especially this year, many families that have nothing.

Next one is a bill from a local hospital. Jean had to undergo physical therapy earlier this year, February to be exact, and they are now just getting around to billing me....and they want the copay NOW or else. Ha.....buzzzrup. (No, not really. I will pay them. I'll send them Loki the Stupid Wonder dog.) Next is a magazine put out by another local hospital. They tell you all the good points of utilizing their facilities for our health care. I had a diabetic ulcer that infected, big red line running up my leg, temperature of almost 103 degrees and a 4 hour wait in the ER waiting room, then NINE hours in the ER before they decided to give antibiotics and finally get me a room. Stayed there for a week that time. Again, what kind of expense does the hospital occur when they send out these magazines to local area residents?? Threw it to the buzzzzrup on that one, way too thick.

Finally, a notice from a company in Tucson that would come out and check my hot water heater and flush the sediment from the bottom. And they will give me a $50 rebate. Tucson is 125 miles from here and the service charge on the minor check would be more than the price of a new hot water heater. Buzzzrup.

If postage wasn't so expensive, I'd make up monthly family newsletters and mail it to each of them every month just so they could get some junk mail, too.

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

PS....You can buzzzrup this post, too. Just email for instructions.

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