Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ray’s Corner Soapbox – Lights, Lights and More Lights

Today was a busy day assisting friends in getting setup for high speed service.  The problem they run into is that they are too far out of town for the cable/telephone guys to give them high speed (but these services will say it is coming).  So today I helped them subscribe to a satellite service.  They do not do any online gaming but rather a limited amount of surfing and use of emails.

So it sounds like the satellite service should fit their requirements at a reasonable price.  Jean and I had to do some shopping in Douglas (AZ) and after we left Wally-world, headed to the lights of town.  Yes, Douglas is one community that decided to put up their lights in this bad economy.

4466 - Douglas Lights-Web
While they have limited the amount of lights, they have shown that the Grinch is not going to kill Santa off this year.  Jean and I are going to do a little night driving around the area shortly and find some good light displays.  It was suggested that I play Santa but after crawling out of the local bar someone said I should play Rudolf with the shiny, red nose.  (That’s a joke, friends.  I don’t seriously drive alcohol.  Guzzle, not drink!!)

We got back to the house this evening to find our 3 foot Christmas trees (5 of them) that were set in the front yard missing.  Hopefully they are still in the county somewhere and we did find one of them down the hill a couple hundred feet away.  We used tent stakes to hold them down but the wind just ripped them out of the ground.  Also our gas BBQ grill was missing but only a few feet away turned over.  Will have to look at it in the daylight to determine what needs to be fixed.  So I guess the hurricane is not over yet….

That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

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  1. Benson also has a few Christmas lights. We'll be stringing ours in a day or four. Please, no more wind like that! Last year our outdoor ornaments ended up in a wash 100 years down the road! One friend has already volunteered to chase them again this year!