Monday, December 7, 2009

Ray’s Corner Soapbox – It Was A Dark and Stormy Night…

Tried to write a murder mystery once.  I couldn’t remember if Miss Plumb killed the butler in the pantry who had killed Mr. Hunter in the aquarium room who was the part-time butler.  It was all perfectly clear to me.

Late afternoon last Saturday, the wife and I had just turned into our nice, smooth road leading to the house (smooth if you drive a M1 Tank).  A wild critter suddenly ran out on the road and then took off running through the high grass and wash.  It was a COATIMUNDI.  I tried to find this mysterious creature on the Internet but I was misspelling the critter’s name.  I was looking under wild cats of the desert. 

Jean told me it is related to a racoon.  Ha, I say!  And then I muttered the two words that no man is ever suppose to let leave his lips when talking to their wife….”Your Wrong”!!

Of course, the critter is a type of racoon that immigrated from South America and are a fairly rare sight in our mountains (Dragoon Mountains).  I felt that little pang….that sharp little nerve ending in the brain.  I WAS WRONG!!!  How could this be??  Mighty Casey has struck out—AGAIN!!
Picture from Internet (

Well, I did discover something at that web page that was very useful and informative.  There is a photography section discussing digital cameras, picture taking do’s and don’ts and etc.  So at least it wasn’t a complete washout.

Stuck in the corner for the next week…..That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.
(Post 1 of 2 – or making up for being lazy last night.)

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  1. Never seen one of those critturs in the wild. Sorry you didn't get a chance at a picture yourself! It's OK to be wrong once in a while, but telling Jean SHE was wrong was a BIG wrong!