Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ray’s Corner Soapbox – The Big Crash

Alas, it was bound to happen someday.  The Crash!!!  And it did come with a warning:  “NO OPERATIONAL SOFTWARE DETECTED.  DISK MAY BE DAMAGED OR DEFECTIVE.”  There it was….staring me in the eyeballs waiting for the message to sink in.  A little window on top of the monitor opens and out comes a small hand with a white flag waving back and forth.  Then the loudspeaker sounds off with a repeated message “Hard Drive Crash”…….“Hard Drive Crash”…….Well, you get the picture.

What does a person do when he has all his photos backed up to a single hard drive???  Usually cry.  Smash things, like monitors, cameras, etc.  That is one reason I preach to our photo group three things:
1) Backup
2) Backup
3) Backup
No, I don’t keep my MASTER pictures on the boot drive (C: drive).  I have an external USB drive that keeps my pictures (crossing fingers, knocking on wood, don’t step on the crack or it will break your mother’s back) safe.  I also back up my photos to CD’s (technically DVD’s because they hold more data).  So I was a little boy scout this time and read the warning signs, ensuring all documents, etc were removed from the annoying drive before the final scream, crash, clunk of the antique (10 years old) drive.

I know there are some that would read about hard drive crashes and say….”I’ll back up my pictures and data tomorrow”.  Aw, come on, Annie….sing it.  “Tomorrow, tomorrow, there’s always tomorrow….”  Ya, that may be true in life that there will always be a tomorrow but not so in computer lingo.

Anyway, that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.  (Hmmmm…is there something burning somewhere???  Smells like burning wire insulation or power supply burn out.)


  1. Oh my, a crash. Good for you to always back things up. We have MOST of our photos backed up to an extrernal drive, but we have a major task ahead of us to organize and archive all thousands of them onto DVD's. Thanks for the very vivid reminder!

    Merry Christmas with a capital C to you and your readers.

  2. Yup, happened to I sat and stared at the external hard drive I had bought 6 months ago to put my pictures, games and music on. And hadn't done. :( Repair guru wasn't able to retrive any of it. Listen to Ray, folks!!!