Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ray’s Corner Soapbox – Another Day in Paradise

No, I am not referring to Paradise, AZ even though that would be a great trip tomorrow to get pictures of snow in the high country.  Hey, I got 4-wheel drive and if I get stuck Jean will push us out.


I received an email from “Mr. History”, Stan, reminding me that I am heading into those “golden” years.  Here is the gist of the message:


We always bitch about the golden year not being all we heard is another way to look at our situation...Stan 

Silver in the Hair,

Gold in the Teeth.

Stones in the Kidneys,

Sugar in the Blood. 

Lead in the Feet, Iron in the Arteries.

And an inexhaustible supply of Natural Gas. 

Who ever thought we'd accumulate so much wealth !!!


How true, how true.  Today Jean kept on with her ruling that everyday we are to get down at least one box of Christmas decorations or lights and keep going until she says stop.  Well, I got my one box down (contained one light bulb) and Jean wasn’t impressed.  I simply reminded her that she didn’t say HOW MUCH but only ONE BOX.  Needless to say I joined my soapbox in the corner for two hours.

The winds were gone today, replaced by the sound of rain on the tin roof of the porch.  Also gone were the warm temperatures as it was getting colder and colder as the day progressed.  The ranch is around 5300’ and when the weather guessers say snow 5000’ and above I begin to have dreams of our 4-wheeler busting through the mounds of snow working our way out to the road.  Hey, I can dream, can’t I??  The most snow I’ve seen here is around 4 to 6 inches and you have to be quick because it melts fast.


That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

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  1. We hear 'the snowstorm of the century' is moving this way right now & is on a direct collision course with downtown Gleeson, Arizona!!